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"I'm ashamed to admit that I used to.."

Former internet pornographer now fights the industry

Dear Friend,

My name is Brian, and I was once deeply involved in the internet porn industry.  I'm ashamed to admit that I used to build websites and made thousands selling internet porn.  That was until the day I realized I was hooked on porn and it was destroying my family!  

Today, I stand with you to fight against the giant internet porn industry to help you protect your family from the devastation it causes.  I've literally spent years testing and defeating (since I know the tricks to get around them) porn blocking software in a attempt to find the best one for me and my family.  I am excited to report that I have found a software that stood up to all my tests and I can now recommend it to any family.

There is a difference between blocking software and accountability software.  Software that blocks will just try to keep you away from flagged sites.  Accountability software logs all sites and grades them for reporting.  I have found software that does both! (although you can use either one or both at the same time.)

This software is so technologically advanced that  your smartie-pants techie won't get past it, yet it is very user friendly for those who are a bit technically challenged.

Covenant Eyes is the internet filter and accountability software that installs on your PC, Mac, and iOS or Android device.  It silently works in the background, monitoring the internet and never slows you down and rarely blocks legitimate sites. It does this consistently and reliably because it is the only software built with proprietary intelligent scanning technology.  

Covenant Eyes does not rely upon a curated list of sites to block (even though you can set up your own), instead it systematically scans a web page for content before displaying it.  You are never at risk of a new web page (there are thousands created daily) not getting reviewed before your family is exposed to it!

I was so impressed with their software that I visited their headquarters in Owosso Michigan and met with the wonderful staff and CEO.  They are first class people and really take care of their customers!  

I am offering you a 30 day FREE Trial - No obligations - No strings attached!  If you don't like it, you can always go back to the other internet protection software you were using.  BUT, I'd bet that other software was not as good at filtering content or reporting and scoring your internet history like Covenant Eyes.  

I no longer can get away with 'just taking a peek' by finding a loophole in the filtering software… you know those sites that have pornography undetectable to you or other filtering software?  (sign up and i'll tell you)  My partner gets my site report and will call me on the carpet if my report is bad!!  For this I am thankful and you will be too.  Go ahead and click on the button below to get started and I will teach you all I have learned.

Yours in the fight,


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